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  A portion of your purchase goes to organizations that provide education on child abuse, and towards resources that help abuse victims to heal.


Sarah Clarkston was raised in privilege, but when she decides to pursue her dream of becoming a youth advocate in the child welfare system, her family reacts by cutting off all financial support. Sarah’s intense connection to one of the girls on her caseload plunges her deep into the sordid and shocking world of Atlanta’s sex trafficking industry, where she must confront corruption within the very people and institutions whose stated mission it is to guide and protect the vulnerable.


After a horrific incident Kevin

wants to find a way to disappear. He encounters a strange man who tells him about a mysterious forest that can make all his dreams come true. But the forest will separate him from all his friends and loved ones. Kevin must decide if the pain of his past is worth sacrificing his present and future.

Finally, a great book that helps parents and caregivers with a very difficult subject; abuse.

In this book, Veteran Detective, Kevin McNeil, explains in detail what each parent of an abuse victim should expect during a

child sexual abuse investigation.

He gives explanations of each person involved in the investigation and also explains some behaviors child abuse victims exhibit.

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