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about the 12

Mission: To motivate change in the world through abuse education.    Vision: Creating a better tomorrow for today’s children.

We can't afford to be silent when it comes to the issue of abuse. The Twelve Project is committed to educating the public on the effects of abuse, while helping to raise money to aid in the healing of abuse victims.

Our goal is to raise 12 million dollars in the next 12 years,

and donate these funds to organizations committed to this cause.

Education will be done through partnerships with organizations who provide trainings, workshops,

conferences, and educational materials to the public.

How can you help?

Gift, purchase, or donate one of Kevin's informative, inspirational, or educational books,

and part of the proceeds will go to a designated organization that helps abuse victims heal.

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"Conversations about abuse must not be reserved for courtrooms. We must educate ourselves on abuse and use our voices to bring healing to all those who have been affected by this devastating enemy."
      Detective Kevin McNeil
Founder of The Twelve Project
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