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Sound the Alarm

A guide to self-recovery, resilience, and empowerment. In this groundbreaking book, readers will find: - An exploration of the unique pressures and challenges faced by First Responders - An intimate look at Kevin's personal battle with trauma and how it led him to a universal solution - A step-by-step guide to the S.A.F.E.R. Method, tailored to help First Responders confront and overcome their trauma - Inspiring stories of healing and hope, providing encouragement for others on the path to recovery Kevin McNeil understands the invisible wounds that First Responders carry.

**FREE mini self help course available when you sign up to join the Healing Our Heroes Community. Link provided in Sound the Alarm.

Deborah H.

Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services

Co-Executive Director / Director of Advocacy Services

"Once again Kevin's willingness to be transparent is his super-power. Whether in print or in person the telling of his story in order to empower others to act on their own behalf to become their own "First Responder" is inspiring. 

So many "self-help" books talk about the problem without clear practical steps to doing the work towards better emotional, mental and spiritual health. The practical steps outlined in Sound the Alarm gives hope that

help is available and healing is possible not only for frontline workers, but for the entire family." 

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